Radgrid rebind vs databind

Working with PivotGrid control data binding in C. So you're using telerik, and you want your NeedDataSource method to get called when you rebind. But it doesnt? This is a problem I face every now and then. Each time I struggle to remember the resolution from last time but keep forgetting. Just got the same error so this time, decided to put it down here.

Assumption: An event handler for the event NeedDataSource has been properly subscribed. Rebind ; Rebind ; Description: Most likely you are not adhering to the standard way the RadGrid is supposed to be implemented which is OK in my opinion.

If you place a break point in your existing NeedDataSource event handler, you will notice that it gets called before you explicitly call Rebind. This means you most probably set the Grid.

DataSource property within the NeedDataSource event. Therefore when the DataSource property is not null, that should mean that there is 'NO need for a data source'. Therefore quite naturally the NeedDataSource event will not get fired when you rebind the grid. I believe this is the expected behavior of the RadGrid. If you ever have a need to explicitly set the DataSource to null before calling rebind, that means something is not following the expected standard in your code.

Oh well, you have to live with it right? If you know of any other reasons as to why the NeedDataSource wouldn't get called on rebinding the grid, feel free to post a comment on it :. Anonymous May 21, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.To use Telerik's ASP. NET DataGrid with simple data binding you should:. The correct approach when using simple data-binding is to call the DataBind method on the first page load when!

IsPostBack and after handling some event sort event for example. Keep in mind that if you choose simple data-binding, you will need to assign data-source and rebind the grid after each operation paging, sorting, editing, etc. That's why we chose this exact name. The advantages of using this event are that the developer does not need to write any code handling the logic about when and how the data-binding should be processed.

It is still the developer's responsibility to construct properly a data source object and assign it to the RadGrid's DataSource property.

radgrid rebind vs databind

In the code of the NeedDataSource handler you should prepare the data source list of objects for Telerik RadGrid and assign it to the grid's DataSource property. UI for ASP. Toggle sidebar All Controls. Data Management. Data Form. Data Pager. OData DataSource. Form Decorator. Progress Area. Persistence Framework. Client Export Manager. Page Layout.Posted 11 Nov Link to this post. Posted 13 Nov Link to this post. Posted 30 Jan Link to this post.

Posted 10 Jan Link to this post. Posted 08 Aug Link to this post. Posted 16 Jul Link to this post. Posted 24 Jul Link to this post. Posted 03 Aug in reply to Viktor Tachev Link to this post. Posted 04 Aug Link to this post.

All Products. Feed for this thread. Jason Maronge. Member since: Jan I am using a context menu on a grid row to duplicate the row but when I call the grid. Has anyone else seen this? I am using the Q3 Thanks, Jason. Yavor Admin. Posted 13 Nov Link to this post Hello Jason, I tested the setup which you mentioned, and the control behaved as expected. Attached to this message, you will find the code, which I used for testing. Take a look at it and let me know how it goes and if any other questions arise.

Greetings, Yavor the Telerik team Check out Telerik Trainerthe state of the art learning tool for Telerik products.Here are two older articles written by Willie Favero worth reading too related to binds and packages. But in both cases, the optimizer does exactly the same: viz.

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Login Request Login. Toggle navigation. Difference between Bind and Rebind. Parthiban Mohan. September 4, AM Hi All. Georg Peter. AW: Difference between Bind and Rebind. With kind regards - mit freundlichen Gruessen - meilleures salutations - vriendelijke groeten, G e o r g H. If I could get some examples it would be much helpful. Regards, Parthiban Mohan. Adam Baldwin. RE: Difference between Bind and Rebind. Philippe Dubost. Tim Wilkins. September 4, AM in response to Parthiban Mohan Here are two older articles written by Willie Favero worth reading too related to binds and packages.

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Using RadGrid for Asp. Some examples say the next line of code should be myGrid. Rebind while others suggest calling myGrid. What's the difference? Which should I use? I recommend you to take a look to this article in order to understand the difference between RadGrid and MasterTableView. Learn more. What is the difference between RadGrid.

Rebind and RadGrid.

Difference between Bind and Rebind

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Active Oldest Votes. Rebind would rebind the top-level table on the RadGrid. Rebind would rebind all tables on the RadGrid. Claudio Redi Claudio Redi Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

radgrid rebind vs databind

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Open. Fill dt. DataBind. Close.

radgrid rebind vs databind

Posted by Community Admin on 31 May I'm also facing the same problem, please let me know why it's happening. Please reply asap.

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Posted by Community Admin on 5 Jun Hi, If you set the AutoGenerateColumns property to false and you do not have manually defined columns there will be no columns in RadGrid. Since there are no columns there will be no records because records are cells of given columns.

Bind or Rebind the DB2 Plan

How do you expect the Grid to be shown when there are no columns? Regards, Andrey Telerik.

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If you want to get updates on new releases, tips and tricks and sneak peeks at our product labs directly from the developers working on the RadControls for ASP.This help article describes seven common mistakes that customers make using RadGrid and offers solutions to the problems. In order for RadGrid to work properly, it is very important to build the grid structure correctly. When you create the structure using the designer in Visual Studio there is less of a chance that mistakes will be made.

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The more difficult and error-prone task is creating the structure programmatically. The following two scenarios offer possible approaches to dynamically create a RadGrid that ensure that RadGrid will behave normally. You can create the RadGrid instance and the grid structure in the Page.

Init event handler. Then the instance of RadGrid is added to the controls collection of the Page.

radgrid rebind vs databind

In this case, no ViewState is required for the grid structure to be persisted because it is recreated on each page initialization. There are no other special requirements in this case. You can add RadGrid to the page using the designer, but create the structure programmatically in the Page.

Load event handler. In this scenario, the structure should be built only where Page. IsPostBack is false. This is important because no ViewState is managed for the object before it has been added to the corresponding collection. The NeedDataSource event helps you easily control events like paging, sorting, and grouping, with RadGrid.

A structural change here means that items should be recreated. Then, instead of writing all the code to handle the appropriate scenario, you can just let RadGrid handle these changes internally and only handle NeedDataSource ,which fires at the exact time the items should be recreated.

RadGrid.Rebind() not firing NeedDataSource

You should avoid using the NeedDataSource event handler to change the structure of an instance of RadGrid. If it is necessary to change the structure, you may need to use the event argument object to check the reasonthat NeedDataSource was being fired. It will be called internally when needed.

Often developers do not realize that NeedDataSource is called only when RadGrid "knows" about the structural changes, such as when a sort or page command is executed. In all other cases, when you make changes to the structure of the grid that require binding, you should call the Rebind method.

You can find more information about using NeedDataSource and when this event fires in this online demo. One of the major differences between RadGrid and the standard. For example, when using a DataGridmany developers used to search a cell in an item using the following code:.

However, imagine that the user has changed the column order using a client-side drag-and-drop operation. Then the cell with index 4 will no longer refer the same field value. For example, if you have a column with the unique name "CustomerID" you can find the corresponding cell in a GridItem using:. You should note the following about searching for controls in an item that is in edit mode.

It alters the "traditional"editing style by displaying an edit form item rowbelow the item currently being edited, instead displaying the in-place editors.

That is why,if you have template columns for example, and you have to search for a control that is in the edit template, you should search the EditFormItem instead of the edited item. This item is accessible using the GridDataItem. EditFormItem property. InPlace editing EditForms editing Custom edit forms.


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